Teacher Resources

Gender Spectrum

This is an amazing organization that creates resources and provides trainings around gender identity and expression. In particular, they have a number of excellent resources for creating gender inclusive classrooms and schools. Some of our favorites from the Gender Spectrum Education page are below. Check them out for even more greatness.

Talking with Young Kids about Gender 

Good for parents, teachers, anyone really. Useful examples of language to use and conversation prompts

Six Easy Steps Toward Gender Inclusive Practice

This is a good start, but if you want more, check out 12 Easy Steps on the Way to Gender Inclusiveness and Things Anyone Can Do Tomorrow for more ideas and how to work gender inclusiveness into different topics!

Gender Inclusive Schools Toolkit

A good resource for talking to school administrators and having larger philosophical conversations. Also has some great gender inclusive graphics/posters, a sample intake form, etc. 


Responding to Concerns: Teaching About Gender

This one could be useful to help teachers explain why this is so important to parents who are concerned.

Let's Talk: Discussing Gender in the Classroom

This webinar, put on by Teaching Tolerance & Gender Spectrum, is an accessible overview.

Resources from other sources

Ready, Set, Respect! GLSEN's Elementary School Toolkit

This one is really nice because it's quite a comprehensive toolkit with good explanations.

What are Gender Stereotypes

Nice K-2, 3-5 lesson plan from Teaching Tolerance. They have lots of good lesson plans around gender and pretty much any topic you might want!

Reading Diversity: A Tool for Selecting Diverse Texts

Also from Teaching Tolerance, a good checklist for teachers to think about many types of representation.