When someone else gets there first!

I've been working on a resource to give to teachers. My teachers. Also, hopefully your teachers. A resource that would tell them about why its so important to use gender inclusive language. Why it's not just important to show representations of LGBQ/T families and people when my kids are in their class, but all the time. That has everything in but yet is lightweight and readable. The version I got to is here. This is probably the only light of day a considerable amount of effort will ever see. Which is good. Because's its not right yet.

But the good news and the bad news is that someone got there first. I actually took a step back and looked for the resources I was looking for and I found them. Some of them are lovingly compiled on the new Teacher Resources page. Check it out.

My next plan is to take them to my current kindergarten teachers and see how they receive them. Stay tuned. If you use this with your teachers, let me know.

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