Recommended Books


Here are some books that we either think look really good or already know and love. Please feel free to make more recommendations!

X: A Fabulous Child's Story

Written by Lois Gould X is loved by its classmates but despised by adults because no one knows if it is a boy or girl. This story is not in print but the text can be found online (follow link).

The Boy and the Bindi

Written by Vivek Shraya A five-year-old South Asian boy becomes fascinated with his mother’s bindi and wishes to have one of his own.

Introducing Teddy

Written by Jessica Walton Errol's teddy, Thomas, confides that she has always known that she is really a girl teddy!

The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy

Written by S. Bear Bergman Tulip receives a wish from a child known as David who wishes to live as Daniela.

What Makes a Baby

Written by Cory Silverberg A children’s picture book about where babies come from that is written and illustrated to include all kinds of kids, adults, and families.

In Our Mother's House

Written by Patricia Polacco Here is a true Polacco story of a family, living by their own rules, and the strength they gain by the love they feel.

M is for Mustache a Pride ABCBook

Written by Catherine Marisa Firebaugh Hernandez and It's Pride Day, and this big loving chosen family is ready to celebrate! See what they do to make their Pride Day special and so much fun--one letter at a time!

And Tango Makes Three

Written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell The heartwarming true story of two Central Park Zoo penguins who create a nontraditional family.

Heather Has Two Mommies

Written by Leslea Newman According to Google Books, this was the first lesbian-themed children's book ever published

A Princess of Great Daring

Written by Tobi Hill-Meyer When Jamie is ready to tell people that she's really a girl inside, she becomes a princess of great daring in a game she plays with her best friends to gather her courage.

One of a Kind Like Me/ Unico Como Yo

Written by Laurin Mayeno Tomorrow is the school parade, and Danny knows exactly what he will be: a princess.

Love is in the Hair

Written by Syrus Marcus Ware Carter's up in the middle of the night, too excited to sleep: her baby sister is being born! She asks her Uncle Marcus to tell her stories about the beautiful things in his dreadlocks so she can relax and rest.

I  am Jazz

Written by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere


Written by Alex Gino. When people look at George, they see a boy. But George knows she’s a girl.

Is That For a Boy or a Girl?

Written by S. Bear Bergman Meet some awesome kids who have gotten pretty tired of being told that certain things are for girls and others just for boys. See how they mix and match everything they like to get what suits them best!

Backwards Day

Written by S. Bear Bergman Andrea looks eagerly forward to Backwards Day every year, so she can turn into a boy for the day. But one year she doesn't turn along with everyone else. She's miserable. The very next day, however, she turns into a boy - and stays that way!

10,000 Dresses

Written by Marcus Ewert Bailey dreams about magical dresses but his parents say dresses are only for girls. Bailey is empowered by new friend Laurel and starts making dresses!

Meet Polkadot

Written by Talcott Broadhead “Meet Polkadot” is the first in a series of books that introduces readers to our main character Polkadot, a non-binary, transgender child.

Morris Micklewhite & Tangerine Dress

Written by Christine Baldacchino Morris's classmates don't think that he can be an astronaut since he wears dresses. Morris uses his imagination to create his own adventure.

Jacob's New Dress

Written by Sarah and Ian Hoffman. Jacob loves playing dress-up, when he can be anything he wants to be. Some kids at school say he can’t wear “girl” clothes, but Jacob wants to wear a dress to school.

The Newspaper Pirates

Written by J Wallace Skelton When Anthony Bartholomew hears his dads grumble that Newspaper Pirates must be stealing their paper, he decides to solve the problem himself. Watching carefully, hunting for clues and laying traps, Anthony Bartholomew keeps at it until the mystery is solved and the newspaper secured.

The Boy with Pink Hair

Written by Perez Hilton From blogger-extraordinaire, Perez Hilton, comes the story of a boy who is not afraid to be who he is and how his difference makes a difference.

My Princess Boy

Written by Cheryl Kilodavis Dyson is a princess boy who likes wearing a tiara while he climbs trees. His story invites tolerance and love.

the Zero Dads Club

Written by Angel Adeyoha It's Father's Day craft time in Akilah and Kai's class, but they don't have dads! So, they hatch a plan to create a special club.